Naomi trained in Three-Dimensional Design at West Surrey College of Arts and Technology, and is now the designer and maker of fine and unique jewellery which is Naomi Davies-Jewellery Design. Her aim is to produce jewellery that shines with class, quality and individuality. She is highly aware of designing pieces that embrace current fashion trends as well as being timeless in style. She believes that jewellery should not only be a work of art but also highly wearable, complimenting and working with the body in all occasions.

Naomi works from her own workshop in South Devon, primarily in silver and gold, and also incorporates other materials in to her work, in particular combining acrylic and marble producing a unique classically elegant feel to her pieces. More recently leather has been introduced into more ‘edgy’ designs which reflect her interest in rock music, fashion and burlesque cultures.

At college she developed an interest in the traditional crafts of Japanese Design which focuses on simplicity, well balanced elements and clean lines. Music and musical instruments, especially stringed instruments have always influenced her designing and continue to be an inspiration, using the contrast of organic curved lines with the tension of straight stringed lines.

As well as being a trained jeweller and silversmith Naomi is also a qualified teacher, and has taught within a diverse range of settings and to a wide age range from primary to adult education. Subjects include Design and Technology, Jewellery workshops and being proficient in drawing, Graphics and Art.

Born in Devon, Naomi is one of four children, brought up within in a loving family where creativity and artistic expression were nurtured and integral to everyday life. Her father, Nathaniel Davies, ( once Head of School of Art at South Devon College was a renowned artist and has work owned by celebrities and several of the major national art galleries. Her brother Marcus Davies, a photographer, also lectures and exhibits. (


Naomi’s work is of an exceptional quality and she made exactly what I asked for. My design was drawn roughly on paper and sent via Messenger, yet was produced to an exceptional quality and a perfect finish. Naomi kept me informed as to the time scale and had the piece ready well before my deadline. The necklace was made as a wedding present for my fiancé, on our wedding day, who was moved to tears when she received it and the meaning behind it.

Garry Durbin

Naomi is a truly talented artist, making exquisite and individual jewellery that is well designed and very unique. Her attention to detail is impressive. I have attended several courses that she has taught and have really enjoyed them and learnt so much, thanks to Naomi's patience and extensive knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend them for beginners or those with some knowledge

Nicole Henderson